Washroom Essentials was born out of our commitment to become part of the solution rather than contribute to the problem. We are more than just selling toilet paper online, we decided to proactively do something to mitigate the growing problem of deforestation brought about by the increasing demand for toilet papers.

It has come to a point when inaction is no longer a choice, knowing that we have, within our means something that can make a difference, we decided to be part of something bigger – saving our planet by planting more trees. This commitment to our family and the environment propelled us to bring into reality Washroom Essentials.

Washroom Essentials is our way of contributing to the cause by providing an opportunity for individuals and companies to join and be part of the solution. We are committed, as our sense of mission, to replace with new trees every tree used in the manufacture of our products. And with every purchase our customers make, they are replacing trees more than what they have used.

By using our products, you are taking care of your family and saving the environment for their future as well.